I spent some time revamping/ updating my website. Having a bit of an internal debate about adding my commercial work from my previous design day job (and then some). I’m proud of the work, but it doesn’t really fit the narrative of LGRDMN.
Do I add a Commercial Work section? Do I make a separate website / branding to feature the work? Do I just make a PDF of it all to share with potential employers? What’s your favorite soundtrack and why is it Reijiro Koroku’s score for Godzilla 1985?

“Of murky lay and foul descent,
emerge from these casting bonds.
The once cackling condemners to choke
on nocturnal breath.
Now bow to a deviated form.”

We had long discussed making another video for the “To The Concrete Drifts” cycle. With the album being out for over three years now, we thought we’d conserve our efforts for the next release. With recording of said venture being pushed back, we decided to follow through.