Poster art and design for @an_intrusion_film with title/logo by @redmadethis

Really proud and genuinely stoked for my friend @sober_horror and all the work he put into this. With my extremely limited experience in filmmaking, I can attest to it being one of the most complex, labor intensive, nerve shattering, ego crushing art forms that exists. Immense respect to Nick and conspirators for persevering and seeing it through.

Full trailer up now on @bdisgusting

“Seething spite…”

Stills from the @thecoinlives
commissioned video for:

Throne – Beyond Malice | Redefining Darkness Records

Video by The C.O.I.N.
Director: Brian Sheehan
Assistant Director: Nate Cieslak (@redmadethis)
Director of Photography: Nate Cieslak
Additional Cinematography: Brian Sheehan & Larry Ripari (@ohreallylar)
Edited by Brian Sheehan & Nate Cieslak
Gaffer: Nate Cieslak
Make Up Artist: Brian Sheehan
Stylist: Brian Sheehan
Production Assistant: Larry Ripari
Facilities Manager: Matthew Ryan Surline (@whoa_goth_boobs)
Featuring: Clint Franklin

Nathan Barnes
Joseph Kesselring
Leslie Drake
Kollin Perpignani

” Beyond Malice ” is taken from @thronemetalband debut album, ‘Pestilent Dawn’, released via @redefining_darkness on April 9th, 2021.