Art / Design / Layout for @shaidarlogoth “Chapter III: The Void God” on @sentientruin
At long last, the release date has been set for November 6th, 2020.
Thanks again to @cirqusvoltaire for modeling/ collaborating.

It’s been a while. First art show in months. I have two pieces on exhibit at Phantom Narrative II in Westminster, Maryland this fall/ winter.

“Phantom Narrative II is a biennial group exhibition showcasing the work of artists who explore unseen forces and ephemeral experiences; each artist leaning on both their worldly reality and their subconscious to unearth works that are haunting, beautiful, and often surreal.

Phantom Narrative II runs 9/28 – 12/5. Gallery is open to @carrollcc students, staff, and faculty during normal operational hours. Exhibiting artists and serious buyers may make an appointment to view the gallery with the curator. Stay tuned for live walkthrough Q&As with curator @jessihardesty as well as artist interviews, exhibition videos, and more! DM @cccgalleries or comment with any questions!”

Featured artists:
Steve DeLuca

Poster by @legerdemain_art