“The cast to fall but no one says a word.
Crawling dance to majesty.
Forger of the decadent trail.
… but no one says a word.
Crawling dance to majesty.
Pornographer of the unhailed tongue.”

@fellruin October 18th @sanctuarydetroit
Our first live performance in a long time. As of now, this is the only show we have confirmed.


New album is done (again) and our set list consists of nothing but the new material.
Details on the album release forthcoming.

“…like ink soak the canvas foul”

Combining my loves of writing, making noises, visual art and performing with @fellruin is an honor I remind myself to never take for granted.

We ended up sitting on the new album for long enough to end up having remixed and remastered. Album art is complete sans some tweaks to the additional pieces.
Details soon.

We play in three weeks (10/18) @sanctuarydetroit
Our first performance since Feb 2020 in MD and first in MI since July 2019.

Another NEW video! Really proud of how this one turned out.

@snafu_detroit “Closed Casket Habits”
Video by @thecoinlives

Director: Nathan Thaddeus Cieslak @redmadethis
Assistant Director: Brian Sheehan @legerdemain_art
Script Supervisor: Vince Vente @vncntvnt
Director of Photography: Nathan Thaddeus Cieslak
Additional Cinematography: Brian Sheehan
Editor: Nathan Thaddeus Cieslak & Brian Sheehan
Gaffer: Matt Reznik @_rezpez_
Make Up Artist: Brian Sheehan
Stylist: Brian Sheehan
Production Assistant: Vince Vente

The Unsettled: Kamil Antos @adeathcinematic
The Bruit: Kyle Askew @iamthedestroyer

Scott Curnow – Guitar, Vocals
Rian Staber – Guitar, Vocals
Patrick “El Toro” Saldivar – Bass, Vocals
Mike Jurysta – Drums

@housecorerecords / @nuclearblastrecords