“Phoenix” for Shadow Woods V with Breezy Tucker

The final @shadow.woods.metal.fest starts today. It’s been nothing short of an honor to contribute the visuals all five years (plus Shadow Frost). Alongside a prestigious list of other artists I now call friends.

This fest has always been the embodiment of DIY ethos. Mary and co put everything they have into making it this a truly magical experience for those lucky enough to attend. Giving truly underground bands the stage, hosting bigger names I had long been a fan of, my first time vending, the list goes on. The friendships and connections made in those woods will last, and I’m fortunate to have met the lot of you.

It’s with heavy hearts, @breelzebubb and I will be missing this final installment.   I look forward to seeing all of you again soon. Enjoy it my friends. Please have a moment of screaming into the night in our names.

S.N.A.F.U. “Bring Suffering”

Video by The COIN

Director: Nate Cieslak @redmadethis
Assistant Director: Brian Sheehan @legerdemain_art
Script Supervisor: Vince Vente @vncntvnt
Director of Photography: Nate Cieslak
Additional Cinematography: Brian Sheehan
Editor: Nate Cieslak & Brian Sheehan
Gaffer: Matt Reznik @_rezpez_
Location Supervisor: Vince Vente
Make Up Artist: Brian Sheehan
Stylist: Brian Sheehan
Production Assistants: Vince Vente & Kyle Walker Askew @iamthedestroyer

The Nomad: Ryan Carignan @ryancarignan

Scott Christopher
Rian Staber
Patrick Saldivar
Mike Jurysta

@housecorerecords / @nuclearblastrecords