For Drought Year – “The Pale End of Darkness”
The best kind of industrial sludge from Asheville, NC.

The second half to a dual EP project I had the pleasure of collaborating on. To be released on September 4th along with the cassette version (which includes both EPs).

@fellruin – “… and Choke on Nocturnal Breath” video premiere @cvltnation

We had long discussed putting this song to video form. With the recording of our new album being postponed, it was time to follow through. From our 2017 full-length “To The Concrete Drifts” released on I, Voidhanger Records.

“…and Choke on Nocturnal Breath” is a disorientating, nightmarish, visual interpretation of the lyrics and album art.

Video by LGRDMN
w/ additional filming by @_jeffmcmullen
Starring @breelzebubb@harmonicolive & the band.