“The shape tapered as it pillared the skies. Lanterns hung from the shine. Seduce at the center of a fire.”
@fellruin CAST IN OIL THE DRESSED WROUGHT is a surreal, nightmare memoir. Cryptic, violent commentary on the world in which our protagonist dares to indulge. An omnipotent predator exploring its own immortality through insatiable appetites. This is lore guised in horror dirges of primeval malice and carnal construct. Ardent, melancholic and grotesque.

After self-releasing the debut EP “Devices” (2015) and conspiring with I, Voidhanger Records and Graven Earth Records on the full length “To The Concrete Drifts” (2017), the NEW full length album and third venture “Cast in Oil The Dressed Wrought” is unveiled in collaboration with Tartarus Records (Vinyl/Cassette/ Digital) and Death Psalm Records (CD).

Pressing info:

Vinyl: 100x Transparent Red / 200 Black
Tape: 100x Tapes

CD: 50x CDs
Limited Edition Box CD: 27x Black Casket CD Boxes by @adeathcinematic

Released: November 11, 2022

August Krueger – Drums @intentaccident
Jeff McMullen – Bass @_jeffmcmullen
Robert Radtke – Guitars / Synths @infernalservice
Brian Sheehan – Vocals / Lyrics / Synths @legerdemain_art

Recorded and Mixed by:
Clyde Wilson at Mount Doom Studios in Warren, MI.

Mastered by:
Collin Jordan at The Boiler Room in Chicago, IL.

Art / Layout by:
Brian Sheehan / LGRDMN

Fell Ruin Logo by:
Jeff McMullen

Thanks to everyone who has taken a listen, pre-ordered, shared, subscribed, premiered, reviewed…. supported this endeavor in any fashion. The response has exceeded any expectations we might have had.
We’re just getting started.

Theatre Bizarre MMXXII: The Wild Hunt of St. Zombo

Thanks and respect to @johndunivantart / @theatre.bizarre & everyone who make this world a reality.
Thanks to my fellow Acolytes @breelzebubb@redmadethis@vncntvnt for EVERYTHING you bring to the fold.
Thanks to @themariecasey & @thetonysparx for the trust, and making our nights without strife.
Thanks to @aoife.maebh for taking us under your wing and looking out.
Additionally, thanks to @lonelybonesdesign for making my cape dreams come true.

It’s an honor.



The title track from our (@fellruin ) forthcoming album “Cast in Oil The Dressed Wrought” has been premiered via @metalinjection

On the surface, CIOTDW opens narratively with our protagonist charging out into the night’s work. A severe hunter who’s tools now eager for prey. With each claim, enlightenment. As well as the insatiable tastes and desires that follow. The pursuit of ecstasy regardless of consequence.”

“Shallow skin for scent allure in blooming lust endure.
Found in the arms of cradled will.
Race to the burning spire.”

For the visual, I’ve always been fascinated with dance and wanted to try my hand at choreographing something to our music. Compiling thousands of photos together to create movement. A frenzied, disorienting interpretation of the piece. The dream walkers our burning spire.

@fellruin “The Burning Spire”
Visual by Brian Sheehan @legerdemain_art

Dream Walkers: Breezy Tucker @breelzebubb , Jennifer Zupancic @windupjz , Aimee Funk @cirqusvoltaire , Amanda Cooper @misscooper666 , Dylan Stead @rhymeswithdead , & Alexa Rae @raedylex

The visual for “The Burning Spire” revealed courtesy of No Clean Singing. As well as a track feature in Decibel Magazine.

@tartarustapes / @deathpsalm