We (@thecoinlives) conspired with our friends and long time collaborators on a special CAGLIOSTRO inspired edition for the exhibition.
This is intended to read as a cryptic, alchemical book found in Cagliostro’s library. When deciphered properly, unlock it’s secrets and raise new curiosities.
They also printed a limited run of physical, hardcover books for the event.

Moonlight is an exploration of the dark and supernatural, the eerie and terrible, the feminine and sexual. A horror themed, storytelling magazine.

Moonlight Issue 23
Released 3/1/2023
Created by @dominoincolor@vncntvnt@thecoinlives
Photography by @legerdemain_art
Makeup by @legerdemain_art
Graphic design by @bre__vic & @legerdemain_art
Featured models @breelzebubb@misscooper666

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