“54 years ago, CAGLIOSTRO, the great adventurer and occultist, transcended the physical plane. Leaving behind a legacy shrouded in rumor and superstition. In memoriam, his estate has been opened to the public and his collection made available.
Explore the rooms of this historic 19th century haunted castle, transformed into a gallery space for two nights only.”

Cagliostro III: An immersive DIY art exhibition.
March 3rd & 4th, 2023

Artist Roster:
Red Made This
Micah Ulrich
Jesse Jacobi
Bakpak Durden
Breezy Tucker
Nika Urban
Calvin Waterman
Rob Mills
S. Hirsack
John Dunivant

w/ an Original Score by:
A Death Cinematic

Castle Cagliostro
1519 Martin Luther King Blvd.
Detroit, MI

7pm – Midnight both nights.
Reservations are encouraged.

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