Humbled to have worked on this one…

Video by @thecoinlives

Director: Nathan Thaddeus Cieslak @redmadethis
Assistant Director: Brian Sheehan @legerdemain_art
Director of Photography: Nathan Thaddeus Cieslak
Second Camera Operator: Brian Sheehan 
Editor:  Nathan Thaddeus Cieslak
Gaffer: Aaron Zachara @arondrakulya , Dante Lamb @dante.lamb
Blood Artist: Vex @nightmarish.x
Make Up Artists: Ari @internetpresents, Ely
Stylists: Ely @diarrhea_champion
Prop Masters: Ely
Fire Safety Officer: Bacon
Production Assistants: Jaclyn Schwanik @aoife.maebh , Aaron Zachara, Dante Lamb, Kaje Jasper @floam.fragz.ptchwrk.cllctv

Crune as themselves

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