“Shallow skin for scent allure in blooming lust endure.
Found in the arms of cradled will.
Race to the burning spire.”

For the visual, I’ve always been fascinated with dance and wanted to try my hand at choreographing something to our music. Compiling thousands of photos together to create movement. A frenzied, disorienting interpretation of the piece. The dream walkers our burning spire.

@fellruin “The Burning Spire”
Visual by Brian Sheehan @legerdemain_art

Dream Walkers: Breezy Tucker @breelzebubb , Jennifer Zupancic @windupjz , Aimee Funk @cirqusvoltaire , Amanda Cooper @misscooper666 , Dylan Stead @rhymeswithdead , & Alexa Rae @raedylex

The visual for “The Burning Spire” revealed courtesy of No Clean Singing. As well as a track feature in Decibel Magazine.

@tartarustapes / @deathpsalm

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