At long last we, FELL RUIN, unveil the first piece from our NEW album.

We, The COIN, filmed the video “Stain The Field” back in May of 2021. Thanks to Aimee, Lizzy, Reggie and Nate for making it happen.

It feels absolutely cathartic to have things in motion. A long winded post regarding the album to come. For now, we’ll let this leave it’s mark…

“Fell Ruin’s command of atmosphere on Cast in Oil The Dressed Wrought is a key part of the album’s bizarre allure, but so is the captivating songwriting that takes place within this crystallized, tortured madness.”

We are proud to unveil the first piece “Stain The Field” from our NEW album CAST IN OIL THE DRESSED WROUGHT coming 11/11/2022 by way of Tartarus Records and Death Psalm Records.

Watch the video created by The COIN.

Pre-orders are live!

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