Another NEW video! Really proud of how this one turned out.

@snafu_detroit “Closed Casket Habits”
Video by @thecoinlives

Director: Nathan Thaddeus Cieslak @redmadethis
Assistant Director: Brian Sheehan @legerdemain_art
Script Supervisor: Vince Vente @vncntvnt
Director of Photography: Nathan Thaddeus Cieslak
Additional Cinematography: Brian Sheehan
Editor: Nathan Thaddeus Cieslak & Brian Sheehan
Gaffer: Matt Reznik @_rezpez_
Make Up Artist: Brian Sheehan
Stylist: Brian Sheehan
Production Assistant: Vince Vente

The Unsettled: Kamil Antos @adeathcinematic
The Bruit: Kyle Askew @iamthedestroyer

Scott Curnow – Guitar, Vocals
Rian Staber – Guitar, Vocals
Patrick “El Toro” Saldivar – Bass, Vocals
Mike Jurysta – Drums

@housecorerecords / @nuclearblastrecords

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