It should come as no surprise, but we (@thecoinlives) will not be hosting Cagliostro as planned in 2021. All things considered, the current climate doesn’t make our exhibition possible. Certainly not to the standards we strive for. The third installment will return in the future.

However, we have committed all that time, focus and blood (and then some) into our first film.

“The Dirt in Our Hands” will be revealed in 2021.

Sincere thanks to everyone who continues to support our endeavors. Whatever shape they may take. We have been fortunate to receive an immense amount of aid realizing these projects over the years. Our gratitude can never be properly conveyed.

“Have a potato.” – Old Alchemist Proverb

#thedirtinourhandsfilm #thecoin #cagliostro
#cagliostroexhibition #thecoinlives

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