The C.O.I.N.

Still Processing. Nevertheless…
Much gratitude and respect for the involvement of the following:








Kyle, Casey, Matt B, Stevie, Noel, Vince, Cheyenne, Olive, Jay, Andy, Linda, Molly, Avis, Frank, Matt R, Jen, Shiva, Lorelei, Jill, Nick, Chelsea, Jaclyn, Kate, Dante, Stephanie, Nate H, Kevin, Ryan, Mo and anyone else that pitched in!

Special thanks to @unfoldingcreative
@frames.unlimited (Troy) for the exceptional care printing and framing my pieces.
. from @thecoinlives –
Cagliostro II has surpassed any expectations we had going into it. The evening was a surreal flash of everything we hoped for and then some. Though we don’t have an official headcount, we estimate between 500-600 attendees throughout the night. Double the amount from the year prior.
The support on all ends is inspiring to say the least. Your generous donations are an immense help covering some of the overhead putting such an event. As well as maintaining the grounds.
Much respect to PAHSA for the trust and @pabstblueribbon for supplying the beverages.

On behalf of the artists, musicians, performers, volunteers and everyone in between…
Thank you for your patronage and supporting underground art.

Though the doors to Cagliostro’s estate have closed, the online gallery will remain open until next week. Some pieces are still available.

Please note that the prices do not include shipping and handling. Further instructions included on the website.

Further more, almost everyone we encountered throughout the evening inquired about the significance of the potato alters. Trust that there is a reason, but you’ll have to piece the clues together on your own.

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