CRANPUS III – @cellarmens
Special Release and Holiday Soiree.
Cranberry mead with allspice and fresh orange zest aged for 12 months in a Valentine Liberator Gin barrel.
As another year comes to it’s close, we invoke the fallen saint of winter, Cranpus, to lead us into a night of cleansing debauchery and answer for our debilitating inhibitions. Heed it’s teachings and ascend to a higher state of your formal self.
The foundations of reality will crumble. The curious will be rewarded. Spectators be damned. .
Featuring our Gold medal winning Gin Barrel Aged Cranpus.
Special Cranpus can release.
Special sideshow performances by the one and only, Pippsy Pinwheel.
Sounds and mouth by The Nonsense Man, Zakery Winchester Phillips.
Gifts, games, drinks, laughs and tears.
Unopened toys and can food will be collected for those less fortunate.
Food: Doug’s Delight
Saturday, December 15th, MMXVIII
Suggested Donation: $5 – $10

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