Shadow Woods IV was my favorite installment to date.
Mary forges consistent miracles to make it all happen despite the relentless onslaught of obstacles. For that, we are indebted. I appreciate you more than can be expressed in a social media post.
Much love and respect for you and yours.
Best Friends Fest Part IV was a success in my book.

Thanks to everyone who supported my first time vending my art. It was interesting to see which pieces resonate and how to better present my work the next time.

I wasn’t able to catch all of the bands, but thoroughly enjoyed the lot of them. So many friends doing what they love and performing passionate sets in front of a well receptive audience is inspiring.
Camping next to strangers, who become friends by the culmination is a rarity and not taken for granted (Camp Talk Dirty to Me).

Lastly, thanks to my beautiful partner in crime @breelzebubb for supporting me and my craft. Love you hard.
To you and the exceptional human @jessihardesty for waking up early to lug jack-o’-lanterns deep into the woods and getting covered in nonsense for the sake of art (more to come on that soon). Thanks for hosting us in Baltimore!

There is a vast assortment of creative endeavors on the horizon, and I am charged to meet them.

Photos: @breelzebubb & @shannonvoid @ Shadow Woods Metal Fest

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