Poster art & design for Nonsense Night’s Ice Cream Funeral Parlor.

On October 6th of 2017, all us Luvly mortals are invited to licketh from the visceral, varicolored, vibrant cone of Nonsense.
A harvest buffet of deathful delights & sempiternal sensation.
On this night of nonsensical trickery & treats, we toast to the burning coffin of clutter that contains our old unneeded rubbish
& turn to suckle from the Infinite-Rainbow-Nightmare-Straw that extends from the transcendent milkshake of our living Dreams.

Do yourself a service & invite the harvest with us at The Ice Cream Funeral Parlor!

-Funeral Attire (black, deep-purples & greys)
-Zombie, Día de Muertos, skeleton/dead-face
-Rainbow Unicorn Skittle-Sorceress type aesthetics

$10 if (thoroughly) costumed
-formal funeral attire is best but any Halloween costume will do. Simply having a mask & street clothes doesn’t count. The point is to incentivize everyone to be part of the atmosphere. Get creative

$15 without costume

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